This is me! I'm very reliable!

Photo Credit Hillel Cooperman

Hello! I'm Emily.

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I'm a local Seattle stage director. I love new works, devised plays, shows based on classic works, and shows that keep the audience guessing

I want to push the boundaries of what we do onstage, and really keep the audience interested. We don’t give audiences enough credit, spelling things out to them. Theatre can be far more visual than it often is, and I hope to always push the visual agenda. We should show people just as often as we tell them. We should revel in the fact that theatre is not real life, but never stray from trying to connect with the audience.

I thrive on collaboration, and love it when discussions happen in rehearsal, though in the end there should always be a strong captain at the helm. I've trained with the Tectonic Theater Project, worked as script manager on Broadway tryouts and helmed my own experimental theater company. 


My code:

I will not direct shows where
-women are just whores/mothers/virgins
-women are trophies or plot devices, not fully formed characters
-women are slut shamed or men are virgin shamed
-breast size is a qualifier
-rape and violence against women is played for laughs
-rape and violence against women is a plot device that makes the man heroic
-torture is celebrated or considered "the answer"
-people of color are played by white people
-stereotypes of people of color are played for laughs
-stereotypes of the LGBTQ community are played for laughs
-older people are just burdens or plot devices
-disabilities are played for laughs
-English-as-a-second language speakers are made fun of for their inability to speak English

I will strive to direct shows where:
-people of color have a voice, preferably on both the production side and the performance side
-all gendered people are considered
-sexual harassment of any kind is not tolerated in the rehearsal process
-all artists and technicians feel comfortable and challenge


Directing credits: Creature (Theater Schmeater),  NDGM, Barn Show, 30 Hours, Was/Is/Will Be Music (Blood Ensemble) | As You Like It, Paper Bullets, Black Vengeance, Vaudeville  (Ghost Light Theatricals) |  All In the Timing (StageRight)  |  Macbeth (Hell-Kite Productions) | Outside of A Horse (Autonomous Theatre Collective)|  Birth (Driftwood Players)| Songs for a New World, Anouilh’s Antigone (Student Theatre Productions) | Uncommon Women and Others (Western Washington University)

Assistant Directing Credits: Live! From the Last Night of Your Life (Theater22), Oklahoma! (5th Avenue Theatre) |  reasons to be pretty (ArtsWest) |  Dog Sees God (WWU) and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Summerstock)

Playwrighting Credits: Nevermore (Blood Ensemble) | Vaudeville (Ghost Light Theatricals)

Production Management Credits: 2012 Seattle Fringe Festival |  Master Harold… and the boys (West of Lenin)

Stage Management Credits: Titanic, Snow, Aladdin, A Christmas Story, Journey West, Best of Northwest Bookshelf, Rosie the Riveter!, Joseph… (5th Avenue Theatre)|  Frog and Toad (Seattle Children’s Theatre) |  Merchant of Venice, Much Ado About Nothing, If You Give A Moose A Muffin, The Other Side of the Island, Kiss Me, Kate, The Velveteen Rabbit (The Orlando Shakespeare Theatre) |  Zanna, Don’t!, New Voices (Contemporary Classics)